Van Wezel Foundation Announces Adrian Anantawan as Artist-in-Residence

Originally published by SRQ Magazine

Today, the Van Wezel Foundation announced Adrian Anantawan as its newest artist-in-residence. Anantawan is a world-class violinist and educator, was born without a right hand, and now advocates for people with disabilities to raise awareness about issues of access and equity in arts communities. “The Van Wezel Foundation is pleased to announce Adrian Anantawan for this year’s artist-in-residence program. As a multi-talented musician, educator, and advocate, we’re excited that Adrian will join us to illuminate the power of the arts,” said Cheryl Mendelson, CEO of the Van Wezel Foundation. “Attracting performing artists like Adrian allows the community to engage in a year-long exploration of accessibility in the arts. This is exactly the type of programming that will make the new Sarasota Performing Arts Center a place for ideas, a place for artists and a place for you.” The residency will begin with meetings with community partners and a Strings Master Class on October 25th. Anantawan will return to the area early next year to work with social service organizations, schools, the community, and health organizations to explore accessibility through the arts. The Residency will also include a free public recital at the Bay.

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